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Innovative, smart, effective.
Three distinct ways to help your business. Three unique services combined to provide a complete solution. Your IT issues… solved!
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Exceptionally beautiful web sites
Carefully crafted to make your business stand out from the crowd, attract new visitors and keep them coming back. Contact us today to find out we how can transform your online presence..
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Struggling with technology?
We provide humanised technical support services backed by years of IT Management experience. Real World solutions to real World problems.
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Your business needs a mobile app
That's a fact in today's mobile-centric World. Now you know who can build it for you. Let Vee Eye Software help you create the next iOS or Android best seller.
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Need a business kickstart?
Mobilize your sales team and give them the best tools for the job. We tailor Filemaker solutions to suit any business. Call today to find out how a Filemaker solution can help your business.
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Vee Eye Web Services
Anyone in business understands the need for a well designed and functional web site.

Your web site must attract new customers and deliver its message quickly and easily. Returning customers need to find the information they require quickly.

We design all our web sites with that in mind. We use the latest standards based technology to produce web sites that really catch attention, deliver the message, and provide the services your customers come to expect.

Contact us today to see how we can design and build a beautiful and functional web site for you.
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Vee Eye Consulting Services
Is your business struggling to come to grips with technology? Are simple tasks getting more and more difficult because your computer equipment is working against you instead of with you?

Our IT Consultancy Service offers honest, unbiased, and non-sales oriented advice and support for all small to medium businesses, and individuals.

We take the hard work out of
IT Management. Read more to see how Vee Eye Consulting can help you and your business.
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Vee Eye Development Services
Whether it's iPhone, iPad, Mac or Windows, we create beautiful and functional apps using the best state of the art cross platform development tools available.

We create Mobile, Web and Desktop applications, from nifty games and utilities right up to large multi-user business solutions, and everything else in between.

Are you interested in improving your business productivity? Let us help streamline your workflows and business systems.

You'll be amazed at what we can do to boost your business productivity, performance and bottom line.
vee eye software logo featuring a large tri-colored cube

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